About Us

       IGP Express (www.igpex.com) is a brand under the IGP Gift Group. We aim at providing self-service, low MOQ, affordable, and express service. We combine the traditional gift industry with technology applications for global corporate and individual customers. Provide end-to-end customized solutions for corporate gifts and promotional gifts.
       At IGP Group, we make hundreds of thousands of customers realize their unique customized products each year. As the world's leading group in the field of gift customization and network printing, we have unparalleled technology, production capabilities and logistics systems. Both companies and individuals can create their own personalized products on our platform. Our wide range of products includes apparel customization, corporate promotional items and office supplies customization, as well as a variety of household product customization.
       Our business is mainly concentrated in Asia. It is the largest integrated gift and gift network in Asia and serves more than 10,000 companies and institutions. We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok. In Yiwu and Shenzhen, there are product inspection centers.
       With the rapid development of digital world, the way people communicate has changed dramatically. The increasing strength of digital technology has brought us and consumers agilely and seamlessly at an unprecedented speed and in a way. We use this connection to introduce a new customized platform that subverts traditional customized production concepts and uses the power of the Internet to achieve customized, faster, better, cheaper and more efficient customization.