Pad printing is one of special printing methods. It can print text, graphics, and images on irregular products. And it becomes an important special printing method. For example, the text and patterns on the surface of the mobile phone are printed in this way. Moreover, keyboard, instrument and other electronic products are using this way as well.


Impression is a forming method to put the steel materials between the front and back parts of the customized mold , then to make the material thickness change and form the workpiece with undulating convex and concave surface under the mold action of pressure. Some common items such as coin and souvenir medal are made by this forming method.


Strains silk fabrics, synthetic fabric or wire on screen frame, the silk screen printing makes plate by hand-made film or photochemigraphy. It always apply to color painting, poster, business card, cover, product tags, indication signs or fabrics.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving acts on the surface or interior of the material by using high power focused laser beam to make materials vaporize or physical change. It’s able to do the carving on both metal and nonmetal materials, or even do the carving on high refractoriness, hard and brittle materials like ceramic, quartz, glass and heat-resistance alloy.

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer uses the special ink to print the digital patterns on special paper by using printer, and precisely transfers the patterns to the surface of the product in high temperature and high pressure through transfer printing machine. It can conduct one-off multi-color, complex color or transition color on plane materials like leather, textile fabric, organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wooden product and coated paper.


Embroidery uses different colors thread to knit pattern lines, the protruded thread increases the third dimension and more layering of embroidery patterns. The thread dyed under high temperature and pressure is more durable than others, and it will not fade. Embroidery is mainly used in life and art deco such as costume, bedding article, table cloth, stage and artwork decoration.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is one of the planographic printing, which can restore the original color, contrast and hierarchy precisely and clearly. It’s the most common method of paper printing at present, apply to posters, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, calendars and other related color printed matters.

local UV

Polish and coat on the area needs to be highlighted according to the requirement. The color of the polished pattern is brighter and the effect of third dimension is better, which can bring a unique artistic effect. Local UV is commonly used in book cover printing or the finishing after printing of product packaging, in order to make it icing on the cake.

foil stamping

The technology is using the principle of heat pressure transfer to transfer print the aluminum layer of electrochemical aluminum on product surface, which brings a special metal effect. It always applies to book cover, gift box, the brand of cigarettes, wine or costume, greeting card, invitation card and pens. There are a great many choices of color and patterns, and customers can also require for customized style.

Hot silver

This is as the same as foil stamping technology, but the color looks different for its different materials. It also always applies to book cover, gift box, the brand of cigarettes, wine or costume, greeting card, invitation card and pens. There are a great many choices of color and patterns, and customers can also require for customized style.

PVC Glue

Make the image effect according to the demands and make the mold by cnc carving. Inject the material with a needle in the corresponding position of the mold and gradually solidify the liquid material under high temperature(180-200℃)on the special machine. The technology is suitable for making trinket, brand, table mat, bath mat or magnet.

Printing plate

Print different color separately on the same plate in order to get a color picture. Transfer the text, patterns or picture to the surface of paper, fabrics and leather by the process of plate making, printing and pressurising, bulk copy the content of the manuscript. Printing area: personal belongings, craft gift, office supplies, stationery sign, home improvement, fabric craft, clothing and accessories.

Decal printing

Decal is a kind of craft paper that print patterns on bottom paper. Print cover fluid after printing the patterns on decal. Attach it on the product until drying, bake it under 520-580℃(some product use the decal that no need baking)

Computer jacquard

It is a kind of method that input the designed graphic pattern into the computer program and weave this pattern by using jacquard machine. Computer jacquard has got a good effect of third dimension, mainly used in making shoulder straps, belts of high-grade bags and cases or brand sport packages. It can not only promote brand image but also increase the added value of products.

Glue printing

Glue Printing is a printing process that involves adding glue to a surface to create the image, and rolling ink over a plate to produce a print. It has got the advantages of high transparency, no shrinking, no sticking, good flexibility, good folding resistance etc. Glue printing is always applied to surface decoration of brands, signs of electronics.